Emile Drescher

Designer & Creative Developer | Auckland, NZ

Masters Degree in Creative Technologies with a background in design, interaction/code and visual communication.
Open for collaborations and work enquiries, reach me at

Joseph Griffen

Client: Joseph Griffen
Date: Oct 2019
Design: Fount-Via
Tech: Netlify CMS, Cloudinary, Javascript, HTML, SCSS
Link: staginglink

A new portfolio site for Director, DOP and Photographer Joseph Griffen.

This site is built with Netlify CMS, which has a custom backend to edit content and see the changes live.

Joe's site is built on the JAMstack, using Cloudinary to deliver optimised and responsive images, and hosted on Netlify.

Google Shopping - Insights Pump

Client: Google
Date: June 2019
Tech: Electron, Phidget, Typescript, PIXI, GSAP, HTML, SCSS
At Phantom I developed a key activation called the Insights Pump for a Google Shopping Event in India.

The Insights Pump was used during the keynote, as an activity for the audience to discover a key statistic.

It worked by an audience member using a physical bike pump, which inflated a digital object that was displayed on a large LED screen. When the object reached ful inflation, it would float off and reveal a key statistic.


Client: Phantom
Date: Feb 2019
Tech: Angular, PIXI, TypeScript, GSAP, HTML, SCSS
Link: www.phantom.land

During my time at Phantom NZ, I worked the development of the new company website. I developed the layout, styling, and many of the interactive features.

The site picked up several awards, including the Awwwards Site of the Day and Developer Award, and FWA of the Day

Carter's Cookbook

Client: Carter & Harry Were
Date: May 2019
Design: Fount-Via
Tech: Vue, Stripe, Netlify, Javascript, HTML, SCSS
Link: www.carterscookbook.com
A preorder site to fund the production of Carter's upcoming cookbook.

The majority of traffic hitting this site came from Instagram, so a fluid integration with Instagram was a key consideration.

The payments were handled using Stripe, with a custom checkout flow built with Vue.js, and hosting on Netlify.

Healthcare Window

Client: Personal
Date: Nov 2017
Tech: React, Javascript, HTML, SCSS
I built a website to raise awareness of the deadline for the open enrollment period in 2018 for health insurance in the USA.

Courtesy of the new Trump govenment; the open enrollment period was shortened and its advertising budget cut. There was a real fear that many Americans would miss out on getting their healthcare plans registered in time for 2018.

The countdown and animation would advance every day leading up to the deadline.