Emile Drescher

Designer & Creative Developer | NYC


Born in New York in 1991 to a family of artists, brought up in New Zealand, Indonesia and England.

In 2015 I completed a Masters of Creative Technology where I was working on an interactive children’s storybook which combined speech recognition with reading.

I have a strong interest in design and visual language paired with a technical foundation; able to build early working prototypes and refine concepts to launch-ready applications. 

Since graduating I have been designing and developing websites, working on interactive art installations, and working on projects that blend illustration animation and storytelling, with interactive technology, programming and design.

I am currently open for work and collaborations, drop me a line below.


Reach me on: emile@emiledrescher.com

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Twitter: @emiledrescher
Instagram: @emiledrescher

I designed a splash screen for Design Every Week. Exciting stuff coming soon!
I made an submission for Donate The Can, a charitable initiative to feed the hungry in New York. You can play with it here (computers only)
The window is closing! I made a website to emphasise the deadline for the Health Insurance open enrollment period in the US, see it here
It's great to see some branding work I did for Silverside Lighting taking new forms, see it here
I accidentally built a space probe, play with it here (computers only)
I have been exploring different interactive formats for storytelling, exploring webGL, three.js and CSS3D. See the experiments here (computers only)
Joakim released his new book 'Motel Universe' and I updated his website with a new splash page using CSS3D, see it live here
I built a web app that scrolls a page while you whistle, see the demo here
I am exhibiting some prints at the Published by the Artist group show at IPCNY in Chelsea. More info here
I made a website that collated Donald Trump's lies into a catalogue of contradictions using Angular.js, see it live here
Emile Drescher

Designer & Creative Developer | NYC

Talking Books

Talking Books is a children's storybook app that pairs speech recognition with storybook reading to create interactive stories.
Talking Books stories progress with the reader, creating responsive storytelling that support and encourage active reading.

Visit the live site here: www.talkingbooksapp.com


Healthcare Window

The window is closing!

I built a website to emphasize the deadline for the open enrollment period for 2018 health insurance in the US.

Courtesy of our defunct government; the advertising budget has been cut, and the open enrollment period has been shortened, fearing many Americans will miss out on getting their healthcare in order for 2018.

The website's animation, and countdown advance with the current date, and is built with React.js.

Visit the Healthcare Window website at www.healthcarewindow.us

Gumball Theme

Gumball is a free portfolio theme for WordPress that leaves the emphasis on your content.

The theme was created in response to the lack of available portfolio themes for creatives that were simple and without unnecessary effects.
Built with Wordpress backend, the theme is freely available to download and use, see some of the websites built with Gumball on the Gumball website

Visit the Gumball website at www.gumball.website

Joakim Drescher

A custom portfolio site for Illustrator and Visual Artist Joakim Drescher, showcasing his images and GIFs, and updated frequently with unique splash pages.
See the live site here: www.joakimdrescher.com


I designed and developed a website for team - a creative entity based in Auckland that specialising in community engagement and interactive installations.
This website is fully responsive and has a backend running Bolt CMS.
See the live site here: www.team.computer

Shugg website

A website for New Zealand based company Shugg, who create beautiful architectual vertical sliding windows. Working alongside designer Eva Charlton , we developed a fully responsive website with custom CSS animations.
See the live site here: www.shugg.co.nz

Illustration &

Glory Publication

An encounter with an erupting volcano.
Glory is a two-color book printed on an archaic RA4900 risograph.

Animated GIFs

Some animations created for a variety of projects